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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The wage and salary administration plays a vital role in Human Resource Management. The Human Resource Management is also plays a vital role in any organization. One of the biggest factors affecting industrial relations is the salary or wage of an employee receives for a fair day's work. It is necessary to understand clearly the implications of various concepts and principles that are related to the area of wage and salary administration. The wage and salary structure is the most important element in the management of employees. It includes areas as job evaluation, maintenance of wage structure, incentive profit sharing, supplementary payments and control of compensation and other related pay items. The action has been devoted to the study of internal structure and Human ResourceManagement policies. For studying all these about Salary and wages structure, the importance and the way to decide the salary and wage criteria in an Autoline Industry choose the topic, “The Study of Wage and Salary Administration”, in Autoline Industries.
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  • wages
  • salary
  • statutory
  • deduction
  • legal
  • illegal
  • overtime
  • calculation
  • leave
  • compensation
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