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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Health is everyone's concern. It is also an important component of human resources development. Health goes hand in hand with social-economic development. The Health for All strategy calls for concerted action in all sectors and demands coordinated efforts to enlist active people's participation in the process of health management. It is the responsibility of the state to ensure health for all. Health development is indeed a multi-dimensional activity. Health education is a fundamental necessity in a welfare state. People need health education consistently. Formal programmes in health education did not develop until recent times in India and other developing nations. The International Union for Health Education has stated its position on school health education in a policy paper thus: “Any subject, whether AIDS or tobacco or nutrition is best taught not as a single stand-alone course, but rather within a more comprehensive school health education programme that provides planned sequential education about health at every grade level, that focus on behavioural skills (e.g. decision-making, communication skills, negotiations skills etc.) and that consequently establishes a foundation for understanding relationship between personal behaviour and health”.
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  • health
  • education
  • introspect
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