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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Banking sector is a knowledge based service industry and play significant role in the development process of the economy. There is an evolving need for acquiring and getting new skills and developing new competencies in this sector. In the present scenario this sector is facing various external challenges such as to cope with the enhanced customer expectations, deal with the market competitiveness and muddle through the changing banking rules, regulation and policy procedures. Along with that the internal challenges like generating team work, improving productivity and developing an efficient human force to perform in this era of competition. The paper focuses on to find out the response of bank's employees towards training and to know that up to what extent these training programs enhanced their productivity and competitiveness. Beside this to analyze how training enables them to carry out their roles and responsibilities efficiently and learn new things, this will prepare them to take up higher responsibilities in the future to reach the new horizon in banking sector.
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  • bank
  • employees
  • productivity
  • training
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