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RURAL MARKETING- Tapping The Non-urban Consumer- Life Insurance – ( A Research Study Of Village Balipur, Shall & Chandpur Dist. Mathura U.P )
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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As far as the Indian context is concerned the Government has not been able to provide the basic needs to the citizens of India across the boundaries. In view of the same there is an urgent need of Life Insurance penetration in the remote / rural areas. Most of them are not aware of the same and its benefits to their family as a whole. The growth of Post office and mostly Public Sector Banks have taken place in some of the rural areas but as far as the Life Insurance is concerned the rural sector has been ignored and not much effort has been done by the government and private agencies to penetrate the life insurance for the needy Indians.
Keywords :
  • rural insurance penetration
  • social security
  • rural expectation
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