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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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There is need to have stable and consistent policies where markets play a deserving role and private investment in infrastructure is stepped up. An efficient supply chain that firmly establishes the linkage between retail demand and the farmer will be important. Retionalization of agricultural incentives and strengthening of food price management will also help, toegether with a predictable trade policy for agriculture. These initiatives need to be coupled with skill development and better research and development in this sector along with improved delivery of credit, seeds, risk management tools, and other inputs ensuring sustainable and climate-resilient agricultural practices. Finally, while the sharp increase in prices of food articles, especially proteins, fruits and vegetables, and the growing foodgrains stocks in public sector continue to be subjects of debate, these may be the pointers towards the need for both relative price shifts responding to shifts in demand and reconsidering traditional instruments of food management.
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  • food management
  • foodgrains & retail demand
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