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“Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) And Indian Retail Market”
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S. R. Pawar and V. B. Kodag
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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India is a developing country. We have need of basic capital investment in the area of Agricultural as well as Retail Sector. On November 24, 2011, the Union Cabinet of the Indian government approved a proposal of allowing 51 percent FDI in the multi-brand retailing in India and 100 percent FDI in the single-brand retailing, subject to certain conditions. Earliest Indian government has taken a final decision in this regard for FDI in retail sector. Local market, low price, consumer satisfaction and relation, storage facility, credit facility, distribution network etc are the strength of the retailer's, by which retailers can fight against multinational companies and survive in the competition. The FDI will gives a boost to our Agricultural and Retail Sector. Ultimately consumers will be benefited in next 4-5 years. Only necessity is that Government should implement strict policies about FDI as well interest of the retailers in India should be protected by controlling FDI and it will be done through positive political willpower.
Keywords :
  • fdi
  • small retailers
  • big retailers
  • single brand retail
  • multi-brand retail
  • bazar
  • kirana shops
  • standard retailer
  • malls
  • co-operative departmental stores
  • hyper markets
  • internet marketing
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