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Nilakanth Eknath Bhangale
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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oday CSR is not discretionary and taking a shape of management principle as a strategies imperative which is gradually spreading across all companies in India regardless of sector or size originations which have hitherto not been involve in CSR project need to now first of all identify which socially relevant activity they desire to work for. The next step would be to prepare a budget, identify the number of personnel including domain e makes a real difference experts, required, decide if the company desires to work with an NGO, specify the geographical location for the activity as also the number of targeted beneficiaries, so that the selected CSR activity has a certain continuity and consequently makes a real difference. The company can choose supporting projects which can benefit people and/or animals and/or the environment. On 18th Dec, 2012 the Loksabha passed the new companies Bill which requires corporates to spend 2% of their net profits on CSR activities.The activities qualifying for CSR under the law are listed out in schedule
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  • corporate social responsibility
  • ngo
  • stakeholders
  • burden
  • boon
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