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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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In the era of globalization organizations productivity achievement not only determined by existing manpower skill, ability, age and experience mix but also adding value to company competitiveness. What you have to day never be guarantee for tomorrow. Because we live in uncertain and ever changing environment that always need care and seeing unforeseen future events. Globalization, cultural, demographic, social structure changes, technological dynamisms make strategic human resource planning imperative. Just failing to address potential threats in the markets or service place can jeopardizing the validity of your business, failing to anticipate personnel need can impact on overall business or services. HR planning is one way to buffer future environment uncertainties. But this complex activity never happen in vacuum or sterile environment therefore immediate and urgent strategic concern for enabling factors such as organizational culture, building good HR posture through HR architecture and using appropriate measurement tool for instance balanced scorecard is mandatory to gain value from it. Investments in HR technologies are corner stone for proactive planning in HR and that will change the total direction of your organization to boost on competitive world.
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  • organization culture
  • hr strategy
  • hr information system
  • hr scorecard
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