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A. E. Trifu
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper aims to investigate the consumer opinion about the balance between the Consumer Rights and Copyrights legislations in the video games industry. Prior to this study, existed many articles about the improving the Copyrights Protection methods of the digital products, neglecting the inconvenience that the consumers must support. The approach of this paper is represented by a survey which was posted on the video games forums. The survey results show that the consumers aren’t satisfied with the Copyright methods and legislation, because the disadvantages brought to them in order to combat piracy.. The main goal of this paper is to inform the Software companies, Consumer Rights institutions, Copyright institutions, consumers and other interested person in the necessity of improving the copyright methods in order to be efficient in protecting digital rights and also to satisfy the consumer.
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  • copyrights
  • consumer rights
  • software
  • digital content
  • digital protection jel classification d11
  • d21
  • m31
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