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A.Antoniammal , K. Govindarajan
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Efficient performance is the primary condition for development of any industry, which can boost up the industrial growth in an economy. Performance appraisal is an essential for every industry to evaluate its performance in all aspects like production, sales and finance. The strength and weakness of the industry with regard to the various aspects can be identified in this process. The financial performance can be appraised with the help of ratio analysis, which is a powerful tool for appraising the financial performance of an industry. It indicates the effectiveness of long term as well as short-term financial policies of the industry. In this paper, an endeavor has been made to analyze the financial performance of Indian Oil Corporation Limited and its financial position can be well judged by EPS Ratio, Financial Leverage, Operating Leverage, Solvency Ratio, Reserve to Capital Ratio and Proprietary Ratio.
Keywords :
  • primary condition
  • economy
  • strength and weakness
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