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Mohit Kumar , Kushendra Mishra
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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It is true that resources are scarce in nature and a regime which optimizes these resources to the fullest will achieve supremacy in this ever shrinking globe. The developing nations which showed tremendous speed and recovery in their growth processes have gone flat in last three years indicating the saturation level of the demand and market size. The markets in urban areas have been pushed to the limits and it is the rural market which holds a key for unlocking the growth potential of major economies of the world. The rural market which now achieves a fore is completely rudimentary in their tastes, needs and preferences. Hence, Financial Inclusion seems to be the most powerful and handy tool with most political regimes in their efforts to streamline respective economies. This paper is divided into two sections. The first section compares India with respect to other developing nations on the question of financial inclusion. The second section compares Indian states on parameters shaping up the index of financial inclusion.
Keywords :
  • financial inclusion
  • rural market
  • inclusive growth
  • index of financial inclusion
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