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Ashok Navale
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper is about bringing fresh perspectives to the challenge of feeding over a billion people–while one can rightfully argue that the onus of such a big ask is / should be spread across the traditionally understood areas of agriculture, food processing and then the downstream storage, logistics and retail services, it is clear even today as India evolves in this space, that the leadership for achieving this goal has to be from the Food Processing sector. And to understand and accept this, we have to first move beyond the traditional understanding (perhaps even bias) of considering Food Processing as the Packaged Foods sector which thrives on a pure buying / selling relationship across the food value chain, in a transactional manner. In fact, it is quite the opposite, where with increasing scale, Food Processors are and will need to invest heavily and drive productivity improvements in the “back end” value chain (i.e. farming) and drive improved, safer consumption choices for the customer. In short, it forms the vital link between the agriculture sector and final food consumption.
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  • growth
  • agribusiness
  • globalization and liberalization
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