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Harish Kumar , Pinki and Supriya Kamna
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The concept of Ambush Marketing is not new as far as Indian market and marketers are concerned but this is an unpopular concept among the customers. This paper aims at giving an insight on Ambush marketing, its various types, how it works as a marketing tool etc. Ambush marketing is also known as parasitic marketing. Ambush Marketing is a situation in which a company tries to advertise its products in connection with a big public event, without paying any money, and generally they are not the official sponsor. This concept includes full marketing campaigns which are designed to run during an event in order to capitalise on the fact that an event is taking place. The concept of ambush marketing has gained most of the attention mainly in sporting events which attract people both locally and internationally. In Parasitic Marketing, Companies mostly connect themselves with a particular team or athlete rather than taking on a full sponsorship package. Ambush marketing practice is ethically questionable because the companies mainly aim at using the goodwill of other companies (mostly competitors) to gain the exposure in the target market.
Keywords :
  • ambush marketing
  • parasitic marketing
  • unofficial sponsor
  • repositioning
  • brand affiliation index
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