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Poonam , Yashpal
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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The Audit committee has occupied a prominent position in the corporate governance. Audit committees maintain communication with the company's chief financial officer and controller. It refers to a body in a form that is responsible for choosing an audit firm, guiding the auditors, reviewing reports made by auditors and also informing the top managers of the results of the auditing process. This committee also determines the type of audit to be carried out and why it is necessary. The audit committee's role includes the oversight of financial reporting, the monitoring of accounting policies, the oversight of any external auditors, regulatory compliance, and the discussion of risk management policies with management. . In the present study we are analysing the conceptual framework of audit committee, and the various changes made from time to time in the legal provision of audit committee.
Keywords :
  • the study will help to understand the concept of audit committee why it should be there in every organisation
  • in this process
  • the affected individuals
  • companies
  • society at large are likely to benefit
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