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N. Ratna Kishor
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Empowerment of women needs to begin with her participation in different spheres of life. Education is a great determinant in this regard. To achieve empowerment, women have to be educated and aware of their rights and privileges in a modern society. It is education which can bring about awareness in them related to their social status, injustice and differentiation meted out to them. Besides, economic independence is a major factor which can contribute in empowering women. India in the very beginning realized this need. In the knowledge-based economy, innovation is the key driver of success. Metropolitan areas in many countries have increasingly turned into multi-cultural societies. Ethnic entrepreneurship and, increasingly, female entrepreneurship have become popular concepts in modern multi-cultural society. In a modern “multi-color” city, ethnic and female entrepreneurship tend to become an indigenous and significant part of the local economy. At the same time it is difficult to identify and tap potential business opportunities in this competitive world. Hence this paper attempts to shed light on possible business opportunities in today's knowledge-based economy by reviewing a number of empirical papers associated with innovation and firm size. The paper addresses different elements of business plan for women entrepreneurs.
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  • women empowerment
  • poverty & entrepreneurship
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