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K. Marichamy
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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India, as all developing countries is plagued with the problem of rampant 'Child Labour' being employed even by established companies either directly or indirectly. Children are employed in various industries be it textiles,garments or jewelry related industries or small road-side shops and hotels. Frequently we see sting operations conducted by NGOs exposing how child workers are used even by multi-national textile companies indirectly through outsourcing of tasks.The usage of children as domestic help is the most rampant urban abuse of children as labourers. A recent rescue of a child working as a domestic help was carried out in Delhi. The report states that the child was made to drink urine, kept naked in the bathroom, was singed with frying pans and hit with brooms. The article shows how child labour is treated in India and the torture they have to face.
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  • child labour
  • socio economic
  • children
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