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Jyoti H. Lahoti
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper introduces a new approach concerning Internet marketing in electronic commerce showing how advertisers need this innovation to be successful. This also relives marketing managers for more value added tasks such as marketing plans and strategies for better development of the company. The strategies devised will depend upon each organization's level of Internet maturity, adoption and level of integration. We will now consider two similar frameworks that are useful in identifying the key stages of Internet development. The new digital marketplace has exacerbated the fluid environment. It also brings a new set of rules and conditions which marketers have to take in to consideration when constructing their marketing plans. These plans evolve from the higher-level corporate objectives and strategy. This paper is a secondary research regarding how Internet is gradually forms part of our daily lives. It concerns different aspect of advertising in terms of electronic commerce.
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  • internet marketing
  • e-commerce
  • international market
  • advertising
  • product
  • services
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