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Syeda Shaheda Siddiqui
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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Modern firms adopt customer retention activity to minimize customer defection. Successful customer retention starts from the very first contact of a customer to a firm to be continued through entire business life. An ability of a firm to attract or retain customers is not only the function of product or services but is strongly related to active role of an organization that it perform for retention using numerous IT tools and managerial tactics. Current study encompasses those factors of IT tools and business techniques that enhance the customer retention in modern highly competitive business world. Among the IT tools, online contacts and use of appropriate email have been focused upon. On the other hand, certain attributes of leaders have been pointed out that are very crucial in enhancing the customer retention. At the same time it indicates those negative activities that are performed for customer retention but actually lead to customer defections. This study has been done in prospect of modern business world. For the sake of research purpose it has been assumed that all other retention factors like; product, quality, services, price, value and after sale services are constant and competent among all competitors.
Keywords :
  • customer retention
  • customer defection
  • information technology
  • software
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