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Goran Rajović , Jelisavka Bulatović
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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper presents the hotel and catering industry, with a focus on anthropogenic tourist values northeastern Montenegro, based on examples municipalities from Berane, Andrijevica and Plav. Tourist traffic shows the number of visitors and overnight stays and confirms the imbalance between tourism values ​​and actual economic effects. The average stay of tourists in observed area amounts 3.10 days. Length of stay of tourists is relatively short and has character business stay or visitors in transit. Of the total number of overnight stays in 2003 were realized 10.034. These data clearly show that the low tourist visits could not operate with higher profit, because the organization and maintenance of tourism of facilities is very expensive. An important cultural and historical heritage of this part of north-eastern of Montenegro has not yet adequate valorized. With the viewpoint of tourism is particularly important that the cultural heritage is largely spatially congruent with the main recreational and tourist areas and picnic areas and can be valorized, plan and represent a very respectable factor for the development of tourism. Among anthropogenic tourist potentials are the following: the monumental heritage ethnographic characteristics and cultural-artistic events. Today, with a relatively high degree of certainty can talk about the three dominant elements of the development of tourism northeastern Montenegro, for example, the municipality Berane, Andrijevica and Plav must consciously and with great care to incorporate into its own tourist industry. These are: ecology, culture and health. All three elements require turnaround in behavior, because otherwise will not be able to survive in the global tourism trends.
Keywords :
  • northeastern montenegro
  • hotels and catering industry
  • anthropogenic tourist values
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