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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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This paper visualises the various efforts made & the promising possibilities of using ICTs in promoting efficient governance in India. E-Governance is the use of information technology to support government operations, engage citizens and provide government services. It is a paradigm shift over the rotten approaches of traditional governance thereby rendering of government services and information to the public using electronic means. A revolution has erupted through this new paradigm in quality of services rendered to the citizens, ushering benefits like single window clearance facility, Transparency, procedural simplification, saving of time and cost, reduction in corruption with citizen centric services. With rising public awareness, citizens and businesses are demanding greater access to government information and services 24X7 with simpler processes & less paperwork. E-governance initiatives – At national level: NeGP, Centre for E-Governance, IT Act, 2000, IT Manager in every Ministry/Department, Setting up of HPC etc. At state level: Rajswift (Rajasthan), Gyandoot( Madhya Pradesh), SARI(Tamil Nadu), Bhoomi (Karnataka), Smartgov (Andhra Pradesh), WARANA in Maharashtra, FRIENDS (Kerala), Sampark in Chandigarh (Punjab). Though a good beginning has been made a lot has to be done for making e-governance a roaring success, Uphill efforts are required on sustained basis in future also to maintain the momentum in a poor country like India.
Keywords :
  • traditional governance
  • e-governance
  • transparency
  • citizen centric services
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