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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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E-governance is more than just a government website on the Internet- Government is a major policy issue that countries throughout the world are grappling with, within the government process, needs is identified and people try to come up with ideas for the public sector that will increase the effectiveness as well as lead to cost savings. It is important for government agencies also to understand the past and how the is modern discipline of e-Governance, e-government and e-democracy evolved. Knowledge sharing of lessons learned is an important process for government. Consequently many new electronic services are being developed. As a result, Quality of service (QoS) becomes an even more critical issue in the domain of electronic services. This paper articulates a strategy on how a knowledge sharing of e -government lessons and experiences can be achieved. This paper proposes an information and knowledge management model that combines the benefit of autonomic computing system paradigm for self-managed infrastructure systems and an event -based awareness collaboration knowledge management approach for coordinating the infrastructure management processes. The research shows that service design, security aspects, network performance issues as well as the user's perspective such as user requirements are all factors of the de sign model. This proposed model also explores a range of issues associated with the application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the processes underpinning local environmental governance. It presents the results of a collaborative research project dealing with online environmental monitoring, public participation, ecological consciousness raising and education in a specific locality.
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  • e-government
  • needs
  • qos
  • challenges
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