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Ashok Yakkaldevi
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There is a great deal of increase in the adoption of environment management systems by the corporate sector. Literature has given importance to adoption of environmental practices as a key objective of organizational functioning making it important to identify with the support of human resource management practices. Today there is debate and uncertainty associated with how green management principles can be implemented effectively amongst the workforce of the organization. Green HRM means using every employee interface in such a manner in order to promote and maintain sustainable business practices as well as creating awareness, which in turn, helps organizations to operate in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Hence, Green HRM encompasses two major elements: environmental-friendly HR practices and the preservation of the knowledge capital. HR of the organization plays a major role in making environmental responsibility a part of the corporate mission statement. This review article identifies how corporations today develop human resource policies for promoting environment management initiatives.
Keywords :
  • corporate social responsibility (csr)
  • green business practices
  • green hrm (ghrm
  • human resource management (hrm)
  • human resource practices
  • sustainability
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